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Ovation Performing Arts Theatre

Following in the twenty-year legacy of the Homeschool Choir of Central Oregon, then Central Oregon History Performers, Jonathan and Jimena Shepherd founded Ovation Performing Arts in January 2018 to help meet the needs of the expanding musical and theatrical communities of Central Oregon.  OPA offers music lessons, workshops and theatrical productions designed to please the audience, but more importantly develop the artist.  There is no greater ovation for us than to see our young actors and musicians discover the exhilaration of expressing themselves onstage.

We prefer ensemble heavy shows and our theatrical rehearsals and productions feature the ensemble first.  There are no small parts, only small actors.  And every one of our young actors is trained in stagecraft, encouraged to discover his or her own unique voice, and pushed to work up from ensemble to principal roles.  Not every student becomes a career thespian, but we believe there's a magic and a certain life-changing brightness that grows out of the challenge and triumph of the performing arts.

Right now, Ovation Performing Arts Theatre usually rehearses during public school hours and serves primarily the homeschool theatre community.  These shows are educational, historical fiction productions in the "History Performers" tradition.  They include choral, theatrical, and soloistic music in English and foreign languages, dance in ethnic and theatrical styles, lots of parts for lots of actors and they are always family-friendly with overt Christian values.  Stay tuned for future classes, workshops, and productions offered during public school hours.

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